Issue with uploading fastd data to Raw Sequencing Data Upload


I have a problem when I try to upload my fastq.gz data. I can select the data but I don’t see any progress of the upload. I don’t have much experience with this.
The files are named as follows: REI-23_S6_L001_R2.fastq.gz
I think they are too “big” as they are 9-20 MB each, but I don’t know how to compress them further as the original data is 60-80 MB.
I have tried uploading in Firefox and Edge.

Maybe you have some idea what is wrong.

Thanks for your help

I have the same issue. Did you find a solution?

Do you know how to figure out this issue?


No, unfortunately not. But I haven’t tried it since last year. I’m working with Qiime to get the taxa tables until then

I’ve been facing the same issue. Did any of you find a solution?

For large data, you can either do it locally using QIIME2 or MicrobiomeAnalystR/DADA2. We also offer pro support option with double the resource allocation.

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