Issue with Dose-response analysis

I keep getting an error message with I am trying to generate tPods for my data. These are the same files I used successfully on fastBMD, but for some reason they aren’t working on ExpressAnalyst.

Data upload and normalization works fine:

And I am able to get DEGs

But I keep getting an error for tPoD generation

The data file with metadata included is attached below:
fast_bmd_pfos_2 copy.txt (3.1 MB)

I am not sure what to do as it was working fine previously.

I downloaded your data and chose the exact same parameters and I was able to generate tPODs. Could you try again?

I still get the error with curve fitting.

Seems like the issue is with DESeq2. Try using TMM then edgeR. It should work.

Hello AJ,

The issue with DESeq2 is now fixed. Can you try again?