Issue with beta diversity

Hi all,

I am trying to perform a beta diversity analysis. I have formated my data as recommended.
The system seems to read my data as I can get to the analysis step.
However, when I try to perform the beta diversity analysis, I get an error without any explanation that what the issue is.
Note: I can perform Alpha diversity, but beta diversity is not working.

Here is my data:

Please help me troubleshoot this.


Hello Darya,
The problem was because all the counts in Sample 53001_TP6 become 0 after filtering. You can either change the filtering parameter or remove this sample. We will update our tool in case this a common request.
Hope this helps!

Hi Yao,
I eliminated that particular sample and I was able to perform the analysis.
It would be great if your team can update the systems so it provides detailed descriptions in errors.
Ps: could you please delete my datasets from the post above?

Thank you for your help.