Inquiry about the correct format of tree files for Weighted/Unweighted matrices in beta diversity analysis

Dear developers,

Thank you for developing and maintaining such an amazing tool.

May I ask what will be the correct format of tree files for Unweighted/Weighted matrices in beta diversity analysis?

I tried the examples (with tree files) and they return the errors:
Tree tip labels do not match feature names in the OTU/taxonomic tables!

I am also attaching the tree files exported from QIIME2 with the scripts:

qiime phylogeny align-to-tree-mafft-fasttree
–i-sequences ./REPsequences.qza
–o-alignment ./treeFiles/aligned_seqs.qza
–o-masked-alignment ./treeFiles/aligned_masked.qza
–o-tree ./treeFiles/Unrootedtree.qza
–o-rooted-tree ./treeFiles/Rootedtree.qza

Then the rooted and unrooted tree files were exported with:
qiime tools export --input-path ./tree/Rootedtree.qza --output-path ./tree

Rootedtree.txt (2.5 MB)
Unrootedtree.txt (2.7 MB)

For uploading, I change the file extension from nwk to txt.


MicrobiomeAnalyst accepts tree files in .tre or .nwk in Marker Data Profiling module (see below)

Sorry that i did not clarify. The files I used were ended with nwk.

I am attaching those files ended with txt in the forum as other extensions are not allowed.

Could you please explain what kinds of format (data structure) of tree files I should prepare? Maybe I missed some information, I did not succeed in using the exmaple files, not could I use my tree files.

We have provided detailed instruction on the Data Format page (see below). I also tested our example #1, all working as expected. It is likely to be related to your data or operations (no info provided)