Inability to read in datasets despite being able to read in an identically-formatted set

Hey all,
New around here, but I have been using MBanalyst for a while now. I am having a data entry problem. I subsetted a dataset examining the microbiome of a few species at two depth ranges. One species with one depth range processes just fine, as far as I can see it (agaricites-shallow-with-taxonomy, attached). Meanwhile, all other sets (one example provided) at all depth gradients bring up the general error. I have been staring at and examining these sets for longer than I care to say. Would love some fresh eyes on it. I’m sure it’s a simple issue-I’m just not seeing it. Any help would rule. Thanks!
agaricites-deep-metadata.csv (363 Bytes)
agaricites-deep-with-taxonomy.csv (987.1 KB)
agaricites-shallow-metadata .csv (429 Bytes)
agaricites-shallow-with-taxonomy.csv (1002.8 KB)