I am having issues with the metadata

When uploading metadata, some of the columns are not appearing for the analysis. Hence not able to analyze the data. Could you please help?
Metadata_new.txt (5.2 KB)
It seems like Travel time is not appearing for the analysis.

Hello Poonam,

Thanks for reporting this.

It is due to that there is unique value in the Travel time column. Only the metadata factors with at least two replicates will be used in the following analysis. You can find the detail explanation on the Data Integrity Check page when you upload the data.

Hope this helps,

How do you analyze continuous data like days from treatment, grams of fiber given, or in the above case travel time which are not categorical and so will not follow the at least two replicates. While some of the analysis methods used can not deal with continuous variables (and so you shouldn’t be allowed to use those variables marked as continuous) others can. Why give the option under metadata of making a variable continuous if that datatype is not allowed?

Hello, we only support Multi-factor comparison analysis for continuous data currently. Time serious analysis is not included in current version. So we suggest the first column in your metafile should be category data.
Hope this helps!

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