How to use preprocesed data for meta-analysis in NetworkAnalyst?

I already have a preprocessed file that contain logFC and pval on a set of IDs (entrez) under different conditions (different concentration of a chemical on same cell type). However, i am unable to get it loaded for meta-analysis on NetworkAnalyst.
The file contain the following 7 tab-limited columns with values :
“EntrezID” “logFC_10microM” “pval_10microM” “logFC_50microM” “pval_50microM” “logFC_100microM” “pval_100microM”

Could you please guide on how to get it uploaded or change these column names so that i can use volcanoplot, enrichment analysis, PCA, heatmap, functionalities?

Thank you,

You need to upload the gene expression data sets for meta-analysis in NetworkAnalyst/ExpressAnalyst. In fact, most analysis methods you want to use require expression tables as input, not the results.

These are list data, so you do have the option of uploading multiple lists through the ‘list input’ module. The visual analytics tools available for multi-list data are enrichment network, ridgeline chart, ORA heatmap, and upset plot.