How to interpret tax4fun2 output from me

Hi, new user to MicrobiomeAnalyst here.
I have managed to generate tax4fun2 data, however, i have had difficulty interepting the data output including the plot (below)
tax4fun2_ko_0 (1).pdf (119.4 KB)

I would like to plot the changes in specific metabolic functions over time, with the aim to produce a plot similar to this one
from Deciphering functional redundancy in the human microbiome | Nature Communications

Tax4fun2 produced a table of values for KEGG ortholog genes as well as KEGG pathways, although i do not understand what these values refer to or how i can convert them into a plot as shown earlier.
below are the tables produced by tax4fun2
pathwayprof_tax4fun2 (2).csv (60.4 KB)
functionalprof_tax4fun2 (1).csv (398.5 KB)

any help is very much appreciated :slight_smile:

I strongly suggest to first read our Nature Protocol on MicrobiomeAnalyst.

The Tax4Fun result is similar to shotgun metagenomics (KO counts across each sample). If you would like to know the distribution of metabolic pathways or other functional categories, you need to perform further analysis on this table using the “Shotgun Data Profiling” module.

Hi Jeff.xia
thanks very much for the help, that’s exactly what i needed!