How do I input my data directory correctly when using ExpressAnalyst Docker?

First, make sure that you used the correct docker run command. After the -v, you must put a home directory, followed by a :, and then /data. If you do not put /data, Docker will not be able to find your Data directory.

Next, make sure that you have entered the correct path in the Data directory input. This path must be relative to the home directory from the docker run command, so it can be different depending on which operating system you are using.

  • For linux (e.g. Ubuntu or CentOS), the home directory is /, and so the Data directory is the normal, full filepath.
  • For MacOS, the home directory is inside the “Users” folder (e.g. /Users/joe). Since Docker is attached to /Users/joe, our Data directory path must be relative to /Users/joe, so we must trim this from the beginning of the inputted Data directory path. For example, if the normal, full path is /Users/joe/seq_data, you should input /seq_data.
  • For Windows, you must choose a specific drive for your home directory (e.g. C:\). You must put the Data directory in the same drive as the home directory in the docker run command. Then, you must trim the home directory from the inputted Data directory file path. For example, if the full path is C:\Users\joe\seqdata, you should input \Users\joe\seqdata.