How can I label the nodes in the network?

By default, nodes will be automatically labeled when their sizes reach a certain threshold. Therefore, you can simply increase node size to label any node. To do so:

  • Label a single node: set to single node mode, and repeatedly click a node to increase its size untill the label appears;
  • Label all selected nodes: use the Node tab in the Display Options panel on the bottom, select “Selected nodes” and “Increase ++”, then keep clicking Submit button to increase the size untill labels show up.
  • If you would like to highlight all of the nodes in the current network, perform the same steps as the above, except you choose “All nodes” in the network.
  • You can also hide all node labels to better visualize the network structure using Node Label Customization.

You can hide all node labels by the following steps: Node menu => Style option => Display tab => Hide