Gene Ontology Analysis of miRNA Gene Targets

Undergrad student here. I’m working under a mentor on differential miRNA expression in gliomas, specifically primary (primary tumors that did not recur) vs priTorec (primary tumors that show evidence of recurrence).

I’m trying to use miRNet to upload a list of 212 miRNAs that were significant (p < 0.05) to create a gene regulatory network. I want to isolate the KEGG term “Glioma” to see what genes are associated with them, and which miRNAs are targeting them.

If I put all the miRNAs in, I see a giant network I can’t analyze since there are too many nodes and connections, how can I size it down to look at what I’m interested in? Assuming I do not know how the software works, would someone be able to help me?

Thank You.

I want to highlight the genes associated with Glioma, determine which miRNAs are connected, and then extract that network by removing all other genes, how can I do this?