Function Explorer Troubleshooting

Uploaded gene list (tried gene names and Entrez IDs) for Bos Taurus (just the IDs though)
Created PPI (STRING database, cutoffs ranging from 450-900)
Selected subnetworks to view
Selected “Function Explorer”
Selected either all nodes or just highlighted nodes
No hits in the KEGG database reported (same for GO:BP)

Previously, the same gene list had come up with many hits, but it no longer does. Other gene lists also fail now (so not isolated to the specific list). Interestingly, the example gene lists do not fail. Is there something I am doing wrong? Any advice on how to resolve this issue?

We just added the option to upload files to posts/comments. If you attach your gene list, we can try to reproduce and then fix the problem.

Hi Jess,

Sorry for the late reply (it was sent to my junk mail). Here is a gene list which I previously used and was able to get the function explorer to produce quite a few hits with. I’m sure it’s something I figured out previously a year ago, but I am now forgetting a key detail/missing a step!

These are for Bos. Taurus and are Entrez IDs

gene_IDs_5.txt (509 Bytes)


Hello Will,

Thanks for reporting the bug, it is fixed now.


That was very quick! Thank you for the quick replies and help everyone!