Extracting values of alpha diversity

Dear everyone,

I see that a few people have posted about the same issue, as I’m about to share with you, but no solution was given in these threads, so hopefully this post will solve it for good.

When using Marker Data Profiling to compute any alpha diversity indices (for instance Chao1), I experience that the values are much higher, when I download the result table (see the attached csv file) and compare them with the plotted values (see the attached pdf file). How do I extract the plotted values from the web server? Or do I need to calculate them myself using the “value” and “se” columns from the result table?

The same happens when I try to use your example data, like “Human Moving Picture”.

Thank you very much in advance.

alpha_diverbox_1.pdf (13.0 KB)
alphadiversity.csv (9.2 KB)