Extract features from heatmap


I saw some interesting patterns from the heatmap. How do I extract multiple gene names at the same time?

I tried using the “extract” function in the enrichment analysis panel. The resulting table is the same as the “annotate” function.

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hello Andie,

I have added a feature “Show feature name” that can be accessed through “More options” button located on the right extremity of top menu bar. It should suit your needs.


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Thanks much for adding this feature to extract relevant genes from the heatmap.

Now I have another question about printing nice pictures from this page.

In the PNG file, the metadata legend on the top always collapses with the graph below as shown:

The labels at the border are mixed and hard to read. Is there any way to separate these two graphs so they do not overlap?

Thanks again! :pray:

Certainly, I will look into the issues and fix it.


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