ExpressAnalyst web interface for GSEA/ORA issues


I would like to signal a defect in the NetworkAnalyst web interface.
Doing Expression table analysis > Upload > Quality Check > Normalization > Differential Analysis > Sig. Genes > Analysis Overview > GSEA Heatmap
Looking at the bottom left enriched pathway windows, it provides well the first 30 enriched pathways, but when you click to move to the following pages, nothing happens. In other words, you are stuck in the first enriched pathways, and cannot use the interactive interface to look at the GSEA plot or heatmap for the following pathway.

Same issue for ORA interface.

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Hi - I have edited your post to categorize as ExpressAnalyst since we have migrated the general expression profiling functions from NetworkAnalyst → ExpressAnalyst.

I’ve notified the main developer for this page.

Hello Yann,

I have removed the paginator, all the pathways are displayed in the table, just need to scroll down.


Thanks for your fast answer and your efficiency.
This is greatly appreciated.