ExpressAnalyst stops processing FASTQ files at 92%

I followed the tutorial for Docker, and no errors were found for metadata, FASTQ files, or the directory. I tried running it twice now and it always stops at 92% for >5 hours.

We’ve been having this issue with only some types of computers. It appears that the application is running out of memory and so the results cannot be compiled and ‘finish’ the job. However, we cannot reproduce the issue in our own system.

Can you let us know some details about your computer, such as operating system, RAM, CPUs etc?

I am having the same issue as above. Below are two images with information.
Please, let us know how we can force our laptops to complete the test run.
Thank you,


Thank you for the note. Can you provide more information about your computer OS information?

We are trying to reproduce the issue from our side - it seems to be working well on several Linux and several Mac OS systems.

Hello, thank you for your quick reply. Here is more information. "Edition Windows 10 Enterprise
Version 21H2, Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.19053.1000.0 "
dockerfail3. Happy to provide any other information to replicate the issue on your side.

Hi! I have similar issues. I tried few times and mine may get stuck at any percentage, e.g. 10%, 20%, 50%, 90%… According to docker stats, my CPU usage also drops to near 0 at the same time. If I try to “cancel” or “refresh” status, nothing would happen.

Chip: Apple M3 Pro
Memory: 18GB
OS: macOS Sonoma
Storage: 292 GB


Yes, the new Apply M series are not well supported by Kallisto as far as I know. Intel and AMD work well. Personally, I use Apple M chips mainly for AI related work, while keep my Intel Mac for other tasks. I hope most algorithms will be updated to take advantage of this new CPU types.