Exact same results from Chao1 and ACE


Thanks for making this amazing analysis tool available to everyone. It’s helping me a lot for my project!

My issue is that I am getting exactly the same numbers for stats results between Chao1 and ACE from the same data set. I confirmed this happens consistenly by changing filtering condition applied on raw abundance data (e.g. non filtering at all, filtering singtones only, etc), which doesn’t make sense to me. Could you check if Chao1 and ACE are working properly?

Here are the screent shots showing stats nubmers for Chao1 and ACE.

Since you did not provide your data, I did a quick test using our example (#1) - everything works as expected. It could be just related to your data.

Thanks so much for confirming that! Yes, I think it could be related to this particular data set.