Error when trying to run Tax4Fun using Silva anotation

Can anyone put an example file of an OTU table based on SILVA? I could not run the Tax4Fun in MicrobiomeAnalyst, for some reason it did not recognizes my OTU table based on Silva. But I can run all the other analysis using the same data.
Thank you so much.

The example data of OTU table based on SILVA is the second example in MDP module:
" Mammalian Gut"

Please also refer to the following question to prepare the input data:
Why did my Tax4Fun analysis fail?

Hi there!

I’ve been struggling to get my analysis to run using SILVA annotated data. I have previously run 3 microbiome datasets using the Tax4Fun option on MicrobiomeAnalyst (all within the last year or two) and these all previously gave me good outputs that I could work with. However, none of those input files work today. I was trying a new dataset, but when that gave me an error message I retried using the old input files to find that they were also not working. Similarly, the example OTU table from the “Mammalian Gut” is also not working with the same “Error in taxonomy labels” error message.

Any advice on how to proceed from here? Is there a bug?

Hello, thanks for posting the question. The issue has been fixed. You can try with your data.