Error when trying to run Stacked bar/area plot

I found that Stacked bar/area plot did not work properly during the use after the last update.
I still did after using the sample files provided.

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I’m running into the same issue. I’ve been at it for hours and stacked bar wont plot with the same error, no matter what I change. Running previously plotted datasets lands me in the same error, when just last week it was fine …

Hi all,

Thanks for posing the question, the problem has been fixed now. You can try agin.


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Still can’t do this step, is it an updated version? The same data file was working fine a month ago. So distressed!

Hello, we update the website. You can try it now.

Hope this helps.

Returned to normal,thanks

The sample file can run normally
A new problem has arisen. My Taxonomy table cannot parsed,I didn’t check out the problem.

The attachment is my document, I hope it can be resolved
meta.txt (294 Bytes)
table.txt (34.6 KB)
taxonomy.txt (87.0 KB)