Error when i try to install Tax4Fun

Hi, guys!
Thank you very much for developing this tools, but I really run out of ideas when I try to install dependence Tax4Fun.

R CMD INSTALL Tax4Fun_0.3.1.tar.gz

I had already install biomformat and other required dependece.

Here is error message in R

* installing *source* package 'Tax4Fun' ...
** using staged installation
** R
** data
*** moving datasets to lazyload DB
** byte-compile and prepare package for lazy loading
Installing package into 'C:/Users/rainj/AppData/Local/R/win-library/4.3/00LOCK-Tax4Fun-master/00new'
(as 'lib' is unspecified)
Error in contrib.url(repos, "source") : 
  trying to use CRAN without setting a mirror
Error: unable to load R code in package 'Tax4Fun'
Execution halted
ERROR: lazy loading failed for package 'Tax4Fun'
* removing 'C:/Users/rainj/AppData/Local/R/win-library/4.3/Tax4Fun'

Here is my sessionInfo

R version 4.3.1 (2023-06-16 ucrt)
Platform: x86_64-w64-mingw32/x64 (64-bit)
Running under: Windows 10 x64 (build 19045)

Matrix products: default

[1] LC_COLLATE=Chinese (Simplified)_China.utf8 LC_CTYPE=Chinese (Simplified)_China.utf8
[3] LC_MONETARY=Chinese (Simplified)_China.utf8 LC_NUMERIC=C
[5] LC_TIME=Chinese (Simplified)_China.utf8

time zone: Asia/Shanghai
tzcode source: internal

attached base packages:
[1] stats4 stats graphics grDevices utils datasets methods base

other attached packages:
[1] FSA_0.9.4 ggpp_0.5.4 ggpubr_0.6.0 pairwiseAdonis_0.4.1
[5] cluster_2.1.4 cowplot_1.1.1 ggExtra_0.10.0 ggsci_3.0.0
[9] ape_5.7-1 vegan_2.6-4 permute_0.9-7 see_0.8.0
[13] report_0.5.7 parameters_0.21.1 performance_0.10.4 modelbased_0.8.6
[17] insight_0.19.3 effectsize_0.8.5 datawizard_0.8.0 correlation_0.8.4
[21] bayestestR_0.13.1 easystats_0.6.0 ggbreak_0.1.2 rstatix_0.7.2
[25] car_3.1-2 carData_3.0-5 reshape2_1.4.4 ggrepel_0.9.3
[29] shadowtext_0.1.2 aplot_0.2.0 edgeR_3.42.4 tidybulk_1.12.0
[33] ggtreeExtra_1.10.0 ggtree_3.8.2 coin_1.4-2 survival_3.5-5
[37] patchwork_1.1.2 MicrobiotaProcess_1.12.3 phyloseq_1.44.0 lubridate_1.9.2
[41] forcats_1.0.0 stringr_1.5.0 dplyr_1.1.2 purrr_1.0.2
[45] readr_2.1.4 tidyr_1.3.0 tibble_3.2.1 ggplot2_3.4.2
[49] tidyverse_2.0.0 Rmisc_1.5.1 plyr_1.8.8 lattice_0.21-8
[53] RJSONIO_1.3-1.8 metagenomeSeq_1.42.0 RColorBrewer_1.1-3 glmnet_4.1-7
[57] Matrix_1.5-3 limma_3.56.2 DESeq2_1.36.0 SummarizedExperiment_1.26.1
[61] Biobase_2.56.0 MatrixGenerics_1.12.3 matrixStats_0.63.0 GenomicRanges_1.48.0
[65] GenomeInfoDb_1.32.4 IRanges_2.30.1 S4Vectors_0.34.0 BiocGenerics_0.46.0

loaded via a namespace (and not attached):
[1] fs_1.6.3 bitops_1.0-7 devtools_2.4.5 httr_1.4.6 profvis_0.3.8
[6] tools_4.3.1 backports_1.4.1 utf8_1.2.3 R6_2.5.1 lazyeval_0.2.2
[11] mgcv_1.9-0 rhdf5filters_1.12.1 urlchecker_1.0.1 withr_2.5.0 prettyunits_1.1.1
[16] gridExtra_2.3 preprocessCore_1.62.1 cli_3.6.1 sandwich_3.0-2 labeling_0.4.2
[21] mvtnorm_1.2-2 genefilter_1.78.0 yulab.utils_0.0.7 sessioninfo_1.2.2 rstudioapi_0.15.0
[26] RSQLite_2.3.1 generics_0.1.3 gridGraphics_0.5-1 shape_1.4.6 gtools_3.9.4
[31] biomformat_1.29.1 fansi_1.0.4 abind_1.4-5 lifecycle_1.0.3 multcomp_1.4-25
[36] gplots_3.1.3 rhdf5_2.44.0 grid_4.3.1 blob_1.2.4 promises_1.2.1
[41] crayon_1.5.2 miniUI_0.1.1.1 annotate_1.78.0 KEGGREST_1.40.0 pillar_1.9.0
[46] dtplyr_1.3.1 codetools_0.2-19 glue_1.6.2 ggfun_0.1.2 data.table_1.14.8
[51] remotes_2.4.2.1 vctrs_0.6.3 png_0.1-8 treeio_1.24.3 gtable_0.3.3
[56] cachem_1.0.8 S4Arrays_1.0.5 mime_0.12 libcoin_1.0-9 iterators_1.0.14
[61] ellipsis_0.3.2 TH.data_1.1-2 nlme_3.1-163 usethis_2.2.2 bit64_4.0.5
[66] rprojroot_2.0.3 KernSmooth_2.23-22 colorspace_2.1-0 DBI_1.1.3 ade4_1.7-22
[71] tidyselect_1.2.0 processx_3.8.2 bit_4.0.5 compiler_4.3.1 curl_5.0.1
[76] SparseM_1.81 desc_1.4.2 DelayedArray_0.22.0 scales_1.2.1 caTools_1.18.2
[81] callr_3.7.3 digest_0.6.33 XVector_0.36.0 htmltools_0.5.6 pkgconfig_2.0.3
[86] dunn.test_1.3.5 fastmap_1.1.1 rlang_1.1.1 htmlwidgets_1.6.2 shiny_1.7.5
[91] farver_2.1.1 zoo_1.8-12 jsonlite_1.8.7 BiocParallel_1.30.4 RCurl_1.98-1.12
[96] magrittr_2.0.3 polynom_1.4-1 modeltools_0.2-23 GenomeInfoDbData_1.2.10 ggplotify_0.1.2
[101] Rhdf5lib_1.22.0 munsell_0.5.0 Rcpp_1.0.11 ggnewscale_0.4.9 stringi_1.7.12
[106] ggalluvial_0.12.5 ggstar_1.0.4 zlibbioc_1.42.0 MASS_7.3-60 pkgbuild_1.4.2
[111] parallel_4.3.1 Biostrings_2.64.1 splines_4.3.1 multtest_2.56.0 hms_1.1.3
[116] locfit_1.5-9.7 ps_1.7.5 igraph_1.5.1 ggsignif_0.6.4 Wrench_1.18.0
[121] geneplotter_1.78.0 pkgload_1.3.2.1 XML_3.99-0.14 BiocManager_1.30.22 tzdb_0.4.0
[126] foreach_1.5.2 httpuv_1.6.11 broom_1.0.5 xtable_1.8-4 tidytree_0.4.5
[131] later_1.3.1 memoise_2.0.1 AnnotationDbi_1.62.2 timechange_0.2.0

Hello, are you able to download the Tax4Fun package and then install it ?

Hi, already download Tax4Fun both in github or main page
All install is a failure in the end and the error message are the same just Iike mentioned above.
Looking for your reply!
Much appreciate

I had the same problem when I used the “zip” file to install it. when I used the “tar.gz” file it worked. Hope this helps!

@pinkrabbit143 , Thank you very much, i think i got another way to solve this problem

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