ERROR uploading data set to Microbiome Analyst

I got a message when uploading my data to Microbiome Analyst. I was trying to use the Marker Data profiling tool. After uploading, I could not click proceed in the section: Data Inspection. And appear the following message

Error! Posible causes of error (last one being the most relevant):

The message was similar to the one showed in here:

Here I provide the data set used for the uploading. Any help will be appreciated
asv_table16S.csv (428.2 KB)
tax_table.csv (219.9 KB)


Hello, metafile is also mandatory. Would you please upload it for trouble shooting?

Here is the metadata file

16Scovid19-metadata2_V2.csv (16.2 KB)


Hello, the problem was caused by the unmatched sample names. You can find the information in the data summary page as shown below:

Please double check your data. Hope this helps.

Hello Yao,

I will following your sugestions and let you know

Hello Yao,
I followed your suggestion but the error continues:

Here is the data used
16Scovid19-metadata2_V2.csv (14.0 KB)
asv_table16S.csv (428.2 KB)
tax_table.csv (219.9 KB)

thanks in advance for your help.

Hello, it was caused by the taxonomy table importing. We have update our website. You can try again. It should work now.

Please let me know if you have more questions. Hope this helps.

Thanks for your help.

I was able to perform the analysis.