Error on the upload page

Hi, now I’m trying to use RNAseq processing function of ExpressAnalyst, but I have problem after entering the online processing page. An error page with "This page indicates an unknown error… " appeared everytime I push the “Start Uploading” button. I can use “Try our example data” mode normally.

Thank you!

Dear Tahiga,

The issue is fixed now.


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Thank you for your response. However, the problem has not been resolved.
Once the login screen to the uploader appeared, but I could not log in with my account.
After leaving the page, I pressed “data upload” again, and I got the same error page as the one I just posted.

Hi Tahiga,
I just checked your user account. It did not been created correctly. I just removed your account. Please try to re-register it again. Let me if this fix your issue.

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Thank you very much for handling!!
I re-created my account and was able to successfully enter the upload page!