Error inputing the "data directory" when using ExpressAnalyst Docker?

I urgently need some help, thank you very much!

For windows 11 system, my home directory is 'E:' and include three sub-folders: “FASTQ”, “DATABASE” and “RESULTS”

then run this command

what is the “data directory” inputing in the forum? I have tried various forms, but after clicking ‘confirm’, I am always prompted with an input error.

All of the three folders (FASTQ, DATABASE, RESULTS) should be in another folder (for example, “Job1”), and then the inputted link should be “\Job1”. Docker will look for the three sub-folders there.

Can you let us know if you still have this issue after?

Yes, I created a folder named “rna-seq” in c:/ and placed all three folders inside it, but I still can’t use the “express analyst” tool.

Thank you very much. The problem has been resolved

We are having this issue with some operating systems, but not others (for example, its always working on a Mac). Can you let me know what type of computer/operating system you are using? We will try find the issue.

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