Error in uploading the ASV table to MDP MicrobiomeAnalyst

Hello Yao,

I encountered a trouble when uploading my ASV table to the ‘Marker data profiling’ section of the MicrobiomeAnalyst.

My table contains both sequence and taxonomy together. When I upload it, I kept receiving error messages even if I modified my table according to the reported issue. Thus, may you kindly help to see what is the problem of my formatting?

I have attached both of my raw and modified ASV table here for your reference.

Thank you so much.

ASV_MODIFIED3.csv (555.1 KB)
ASV_table.txt (500.4 KB)
Metadata_file.txt (259 Bytes)

Hello Karina,

The problem is caused by the wrong format of your ASV and taxonomy table.

If you are not going to use Tax4Fun2 for function prediction, you don’t need to include the sequences column in the table. Or you can delete the ASV ID column but only keep the sequence column.

Please follow exactly our example to prepare the files. You can either refer to this link or download the example data on our upload page (choose the plain text format).

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have more questions.

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