Error in SetAnalType("metadata") : object 'paramSet' not found

I’ve followed the installation instruction for ExpressAnalystR, and when I try to use Init.Data(FALSE); , the message I get is : Error: object ‘paramSet’ not found

Has anyone else encountered this problem?

pacman has been installed and loaded, as was devtools, and ExpressAnalyst itself. This is the only step at which I’ve encountered an error.

Hello Dzenan,

The tutorial is outdated, a lot have changed since, I will make an update to the tutorial and update you when it’s ready.


That would be great, thank you!

Dear Dzenan,

I have updated the tutorial and some functions, can you reinstall and try again?


Dear Guangyan,

Thanks for the update! Seems to be working now. I’ll let you know if any other issues arise.

Have a great day,