Error: Failed to perform normalization! How to solve?

Hi developers:
Thanks for your effort in developing and maintaining this robust website.
I met an abnormal condition in processing the input ASV table in the Data Normalization module.
“Error: Failed to perform normalization!”
I chose the default settings in the Data Filter module, and I chose the “Rarefy to the minimum library size”, “Do not scale my data”, and “Do not transform my data” in the Data Normalization module.
So, how can I check the error details, or how to solve this?
Thanks for your attention and looking forward to your reply!

ASVs_table.txt (286.4 KB)
METADATA_grouped_by_site.txt (77 Bytes)
ASVs_tax.txt (698.3 KB)
The input files are attached.


Thanks for reporting the issue. It is caused by the unexpected symbols in your taxonomy table:

You can remove them or replace with correct format.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your kindly reply in this OmicsForum and E-mail!
The processing can work on my data after correct the tax names.
Thanks a lot!
Best wishes!