Error: database disk image is malformed

I’m reaching out because I’ve some problems while trying to process the tutorial from this page: OmicsNet

rm(list = ls()); # Clear .GlobalEnv of your R session

# Step 1. Initiate the dataSet object

# Step 2. Map list of genes to the application
"#Entrez  logFC
4495  61.12
4496  51.06
4499  23.79
6354  21.04
6369  19.76", 
"hsa", "gene", "entrez");

# Step 3. Identify interacting partners
dataSet<-QueryNet(dataSet, "gene", "innate");

# Step 4. Build interaction subnetwork

# Step 5. Prepare the network file to be used for visualization, the output will be in JSON format.
dataSet<-PrepareNetwork(dataSet, "subnetwork1", "omicsnet_1.json")

The error is set as below:

> dataSet<-QueryNet(dataSet, "gene", "innate");
gene gene innate TRUE 900 direct FALSE FALSE 
We are going to query the data table: hsa_innate from ppi database..
Error: database disk image is malformed
In addition: Warning message:
Couldn't set synchronous mode: database disk image is malformed
Use `synchronous` = NULL to turn off this warning.

I’ve tried many things to solve the problem but it seems that it doesn’t. If anyone has the solution please feel free to reach out :slight_smile:
Thanks for your time and help