Downloading mbcdata.rda

Hi, I’m running through the miRNetR package vignette mapping microRNAs to multiple targets ( 3.1.2 Mapping to multiple targets) and it usually works. However, today I keep getting the below error in R when running the function QueryMultiListMir()


> QueryMultiListMir()
[1] "Downloading"
trying URL ''
Content type 'unknown' length 219815936 bytes (209.6 MB)
downloaded 209.6 MB

[1] "Converting ids for different miRBase versions ...."
trying URL ''
Error in download.file(mbcdata.rda, destfile, mode = "wb") : 
  cannot open URL ''
In addition: Warning message:
In download.file(mbcdata.rda, destfile, mode = "wb") :
  URL '': status was 'SSL connect error'

So basically the mbcdata.rda file can’t be found.
Please advise.


The “//” before the mbcdata.rda are quite unusual . Try the the following:

Yeah I saw that, but can it be fixed in the function Query.miRNetDB ?
There’s a line

mbcdata.rda <- paste(lib.path, "/mbcdata.rda", sep="");

The lib.path is stated as “

so maybe the above line can be re-written to:

mbcdata.rda <- paste(lib.path, "mbcdata.rda", sep="");

Its also funny that it works sometimes even without changing anything.