Download significant features with adjusted P value in Maaslin2

Many many many thanks for developing and maintaining the amazing MicrobiomeAnalyst.

I would like to ask can the significant features with adjusted p values, i.e., Sig when adjusted, be downloaded in section of multi-factors analysis (Maaslin2)?

Currently, the Result Tables include all the features with non-adjusted p value if I understand correctly?

Maybe the confusion here is that ‘FDR’ is another notation for ‘adjusted p-value’ because we use the “False Discovery Rate” method to adjust the p-values.

The number of significant features is defined as the number of features with an adjusted p-value (in the FDR column of the results table) less than the specified cut-off.

You can download the full results table (including the adjusted p-value column) by clicking the ‘Analysis Results’ button in the top right-hand ‘Downloads of the Page’ panel.