Data uploading problem

Hello, I have a problem with uploading the data to the site. The files are in txt. format as requested, and I accept this king of error: “Error - It seems that your meta data values are unique! MicrobiomeAnalyst requires some biological replicates for robust analys”.
The samples names are exactly the same in both files (MA and MetaData) as you can see in my attachments.

MA_allSamp.txt (157.2 KB)
MetaData_allSamp.txt (758 Bytes)

In the past, the files were able to be uploaded without a problem, and suddenly I get problems that I did not encounter!
Does anyone know what the problem is with my files?

We have enhanced the data integrity check to make sure that all datasets follow good experimental design.

It seems the last sample is not assigned to any group. You need to make sure that there are replicates.

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