Data upload error

Hello, I tried to upload my data, but there was an error.

I used the same file for the last 2 weeks, and I can perform the analysis.

However, when I tried again this week, using the same file, I got this message.

Can you help me? Have I done something wrong?

Thank you

I have same question in few days. I think maybe the tools have some problem recently, because I upoad my data, which I have used for months ago, failed.

Hope it will fix the problem in few days.

Hello to all,

I got the same issue and found a (weird) solution :

  1. start by opening the uploading page ExpressAnalyst
  2. Load your dataset and submit → You will have the mistake error (the blue windows)
  3. Load the example dataset [C. japonica toxicity] and submit
  4. Re-upload and submit your dataset → No more mistake!
  5. Proceed and continue your analysis

I cannot explain why but it worked well for me.

Good luck.

Dear Users,

The bug should be fixed now.