Data upload error in marker data profiling


I have an empty error when uploading the dataset in marker data profiling. The same set I have successfully uploaded last week, but this week it gives me an empty error. See screen shot below. My input dataset are also attached for troubleshooting.

Thank you!

asv table.txt (267.4 KB)
metadata.txt (616 Bytes)
taxonomy.csv (303.5 KB)

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I have exactly the same problem. Furthermore I have tried the “plain text” example files “mamm_gut” and again the same empty error comes up. I have also tried the biom examples files “aging mouse gut” and they work but when I transform my data in a biom format file, I obtain again the same empty error. I do not know how to proceed further. Thank you!


I have exactly the same problem. i think this error is in portal because of upload data format eg .taxonomy file.

Having the same problem also. After attempting to upload the example files provided it would seem that it has to be a problem with the portal. Right?

Thank you for the note. This issue should be fixed now.


Thank you very much Jeff. It works now! All the best. Margherita

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