Data inspection (pre-processing)

Hello! I am not getting the “OTUs with ≥ 2 counts” in the data inspection. Does it mean that by default all OTUs with less than or equal 2 counts are filtered out from the downstream analysis?
What is that number of outs ≥ 2 counts (which is a reduced number than the initial one), and that otu number is the one that will undergo further analysis including the filtration?
I feel a bit confused :frowning:
Thank you

I answered your questions before. They are two independent pages

Data Inspection gives summary of you data based on common practice of the field
Data Filtering allows you to perform the actual filtering (note the default is 4, you can change to 0 to turn off the filter)

Why does MicrobiomeAnalyst give “OTUs with ≥ 2 counts”? Read this link on singleton.

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