DADA2: output file format for uploading to marker data profiling module

Dear developers,

I used DADA2 tutorial to process the 16S amplicon sequencing data and got the ASV output files. I would like to upload these files to Microbiomeanalyst. The module is marker data profiling, and the section is “text table format”. But failed. It always showed that I should check the file format. I prepared the files following the instruction of all example files format.
I attached the files here. Can you help me figure out the problem? Thanks.

ASV-abundance-number-Modified.CSV (6.3 KB)
metadata.CSV (107 Bytes)
taxa.print.DECIPHER.taxonomy.CSV (15.4 KB)

I figure it out and I used the correct format files to transfer my files into new files. The data of my files were arranged as instruction, but they can not be uploaded. So I downloaded the files from this forum to copy and paste my data into the downloaded files, saved them as text files, at last it worked. While I still do not know what is wrong with my files, maybe it is a method for me.


The right format should be .csv instead of .CSV. You can use the correct format to try again. We will update our website to provide more specific error message soon.

Hope this helps!

Hi Yao,

It works,Thanks.