Cutoff value for Upregulated vs Downregulated Genes

What is the cut off value you would suggest for upregulated and downregulated genes when using combined effect size in Meta-analysis. How will I know which in the DEGs list are down/upregulated?

Hello Irene,

At this moment, the cutoff threshold is based on p-value only. I will add a parameter where users can filter based on average Log fold change in the near future. To see which DEGs are up or down regulated, you can download the result table in “Gene-level meta-analysis result” page right after performing combining effect size.


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Hi, I have a follow-up question. Do you think it is valid to use the Combined Effect size value as a cut off for up/down-regulated genes aside from the p-value? Can I use both? Say a CES of equal to or greater than +1 is upregulated while a CES of equal to or <-1 for downregulated genes plus a value <0.05? Thanks.