Covariate Result and Ranked Features Tables Download


I am using two omics data sets for the dimensionality reduction analysis. Two “Ranked Features” tables were generated. Is there any option to down both of them?

In the “Download Zip” folder, one covariate result table was listed, which included only features from the transcriptome, not from the microbiome data. Could we generate the covariate table including features from both omics data sets? How to do it?

Thank you very much for your assistance!

Hello Andie,

I have updated the webserver so that you can download these tables. The “Ranked Feature” is named loading_[mcia/diablo/mofa].csv. You will be access all covariate_result tables as well. They will be shown in the “Download” page.


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Hi Guangyan,

I have another question about the covariate result table, but for the heatmap analysis this time.

There are 3 conditions of my experiment:
Regular; Half FV; and Full FV. I chose to do the “ANNOVA” type of comparison for the heatmap analysis.

However, the downloaded covariate table only includes one comparison “Half.FV vs Regular” as follows:

coefficient	Half.FV.Regular	AveExpr	F	P.Value	adj.P.Val	ids	label

If I chose to compare “Full.FV vs Regular” only, here are what I get

coefficient	AveExpr	t	P.Value	adj.P.Val	B	ids	label

The specific expression value for this comparison is lost and the F value was replaced by the t values.

I am interested in getting statistics values for all pairs of comparisons through the ANNOVA method. Will it be possible to generate them?

Your kind help is greatly appreciated.

It is “ANOVA”, not “ANNOVA”. Sorry for the typos.

Dear Andie,

For “Full.FV vs Regular”, the specific expression value is under coefficient column. Under ANOVA comparison, “coefficient” corresponds to Full.FV vs regular.

I will try make this less confusing in the next update.


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