Cannot proceed with metanalysis past 'Sig. Features' stage


I am trying to analyse a series of datasets for a metanalysis but I can’t proceed past the ‘Sig. Features’ stage and am instead met with the error: ‘No sig genes have been found for sample.csv, please relax the threshold!’

It’s totally fine that there are no significantly expressed genes for the sample, that’s why I want to do the metanalysis, but I can’t proceed past this point and I don’t want to raise the threshold to a ridiculous level in order to pass. Would anyone be able to advise?


I see your concerns. The meta-analysis is NOT based on the results from differential analysis of individual datasets (except if you choose the “Vote Count” method later). You will see the threshold specifically for meta-analysis.

The main purpose in this step is to allow users to compare against individual results (UpSet plots, etc).

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Thanks very much! I think some of the docs could be a bit clearer on these stages as the tutorials don’t always provide quite enough info on some aspects.

Thanks again!