Can I test the enriched functions on a subset of genes?

Yes. Users can perform enrichment tests on currently highlighted nodes in the network. To highlight nodes of interest, there are two basic approaches:

  • Cluster highlight: Set Scope to “node-neighbour” and double click a node in the network to highlight the node together with its direct neighbours. Repeat the process to select more nodes.
  • Free selection: use the free-style manual select function - click the icon , when mouse icon becomes cross hair, drag to highlight;
  • Batch Highlight: In this case, enter a list of node names/IDs in the text box under the Batch Highlight tab located at the bottom right of the page,

After you have selected the nodes or modules, click the Perform Enrichment Analysis button and the results will be displayed in the panel below. Note, 1) Only hypergeometric tests is allowed, as the empirical sampling based approach is designed to testing ALL genes identified from input miRNAs; 2) Enrichment analyses are performed on ALL currently highlighted genes . To ensure only your current selections are being used, first Reset the network, then perform highlighting/selections before performing the enrichment analysis.