Build a network for Chironomus gene expression

I would like to point here my interest for gene expression data on Chironomus riparius.
With which organism are working?

For any of the tools, you can go to the data upload page and there will be a dropdown menu with the label “Specify Organism”, for example, here is the link for uploading a list to NetworkAnalyst. You can look at the options in this dropdown to see if your species is supported.

However, none of the Xia Lab software tools support Chironomus riparius IDs. We do have a tool called EcoOmicsAnalyst where you can quantify RNA-seq data from any organisms in terms of our species-agnostic Seq2Fun ortholog IDs. Tables or lists with Seq2Fun ID annotation can be uploaded and analyzed with ExpressAnalyst to perform enrichment analysis. Enrichment analysis results can be visualized in network form.

Thank you very much for your reply.