Biomarker and Diversity MetaData Analysis Submission not working

For a 84 samples data I am trying to submit the processed data for MetaData analysis.
Stack taxa charts are submitted but Submit button for both Biomarker and Diversity metadata is inactive.
How to proceed ?
Am I doing anything wrong.
Is there a way i can access the previous version of the tool, which was working great for me.

84samples_Metadata180823.txt (1.0 KB)
84samples_otu_taxa_180823.txt (575.6 KB)

There is no “MetaData analysis” in MicrobiomeAnalyst (current or previous version). Also, the 2.0 mainly added some new modules, all the previous modules are still there.

There is a “Statistical Meta-analysis” module which involves uploading multiple datasets collected for the same phenotypes. You can read our tutorial

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