Accessing pro express analyst

I tried to access EA pro version but kept giving me the following error message

HTTP Status 404 - Not Found

type Status report

messageNot Found

descriptionThe requested resource is not available.

Payara Server 5.2022.5 #badassfish

Many Thanks in advance.

Hello Muhammad,

Is this the link you tried:


Thanks, Guangyan for your prompt response. Yup, I am using this link, and still not accessible over different browsers. However the open-access version works well.

OK, what about any other pro tools such as

Hi Guangyan, Pro metaboanalyst works perfectly and still, the Pro.expressanalyst gives the same error. appreciate your help.

In that case, could you try It’s the same as pro but located in Europe instead of North America.

Hello Muhammad, the error page appears after login in step or the moment you try to load the website?


Hello Guangyan, it appeared after typing in my log in details and pressing sign in. However, I tried today and it logged in successfully.