Stuck on "Project Home" page of EcoOmicsAnalyst and can't get through to the next step

After logging into EcoOmicsAnalyst I’m on my “Project Home” page and I try to go look at data “without a reference” but the page doesn’t load… I’m stuck with the above screenshot for 10min or more and nothing happens.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I’m trying to see what RNAseq data I have access too.


This happens when there are no uploaded files in your directory on the EcoOmicsAnalyst server. You cannot initiate a new project if there are no files in your account.

All raw files are deleted from the EcoOmicsAnalyst server after 30 days. If you uploaded files more than 30 days ago, you will have to re-upload them. See this post for details on uploading files.