How can I upload my raw RNA-seq data files?

Due to the large size of RNA-seq data, you are only allowed to upload your raw RNA-seq data via FTP Clients tools such as FileZilla.

  1. Please click here to download FileZilla and install it locally.

  2. Click FileSite ManagerNew site → Fill the fields of Host, Port, User and Password, where the User is your EcoOmicsAnalyst email, and password is your EcoOmicsAnalyst password:

  3. Click Transfer Settings → select Active → click Connect:

  4. Drag all your files in local to our server.

  5. Please monitor your file uploading in the FileZilla. Once all your files are successfully uploaded and please login again to process.

  6. Once your job is submitted, please do not remove or upload any files in FileZilla.

Please check more details in our TUTORIALS (click here).

Note: your storage quota is 30GB , and your raw data will be kept for 30 days . If you have a data set more than 30GB, please split them, upload and run, then delete files in storage from FileZilla before you can submit new dataset.